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Colin normally places the notes from sermons he has preached in Fintry online here. You can view the sermons by date or by passage.

The sermon notes come in two different formats. If you click on the passage, you will get a text only version, which loses some of the highlighting of the originals. This will occasionally make it harder to follow - but you may be able to import the text into another document more flexibly. If, however, you click on the icon you will get a PDF version which will preserve the colours and layout of the original, from which Colin preaches.

Warning: older PDF files (pre-2004) were generated with some settings "off", and the margins may be wrong. Particularly for children's talks and Family Services Colin often uses A5 paper; the older PDF versions of these lose the top of the page....

Colin says: "Remember that these are notes, not a verbatim transcript; as such they need to be read carefully! If a sermon isn't here that I have preached, I may simply have forgotten to copy it over... Speak to me and I'll endeavour to put it up!!"

Fintry Parish Church of Scotland, Dundee.
Scottish Charity, number: SC020742
Fintry Drive, Dundee DD4 9HE
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